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Reality Based Financial Articles

Mathematics is overused in finance


Social science; politics, psychology, war, history, sociology, economics, etcetera may be understood after observation and cogitation.

If you would like an interesting aid to your cogitation, click that EWI button to your left.

Developing complex mathematical models to explain or project events obfuscates reality. Much more concise than obtuse math is Mark Twain's comment, "History does not repeat itself, it rhymes."

We will center our articles on well thought out, logical explanations that may be tested in the real world, or at least debated in the real world.

There is an elegance to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs that does not need math to validate the concept. Likewise the Austrian School of economists deal elegantly using the observed without highly complicated math structures, they call this the science of human action.


If you want a college where the goal is to learn - check out BFU in the left margin. If you want some financial articles that will guide you to reality - check the right margin.


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