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Hot Commodities by Jim Rogers

How Anyone Can Invest Profitably In The World's Best Market.


I bought this book and reviewed it out of respect for Jim Rogers the speculator.

In the early days Jim Rogers and George Soros started the Quantum Fund - a huge hedge fund success.

Rogers split off to manage his own money - and to become a world wide adventurer. Jim has been writing best selling books that share his international insights and travels. Rogers has continued to invest, with the whole world as his market.

This book is not a Jim Rogers the adventurer book.

I have frequently recommended Rogers first two investment books, Investment Biker, and Adventure Capitalist. In these best selling books you share epic adventures with Jim Rogers, and you learn useful information about world investment markets. The learning is not just painless, the books are a pleasurable read of the can't wait to see what's next type.

Hot Commodities however is worth the read just for the futures trading and commodities market knowledge. I read it carefully and found both basic and advanced future trading instruction throughout. If you intend to trade forex, gold, wheat futures, or any other commodity; you will find this speculator's book a profitable investment.

Jim Rogers is an uber-successful investor that knows and shares what creates speculative gains while avoiding unrecoverable losses.

In Hot Commodities he shares commodity market insights, but it is not Roger's story telling that dominates this time. Hot Commodities appears to be a text created expressly to provide a legacy of the Jim Roger's philosophy of investment. This book can be read as an extensive how to addendum to his prior books. This book contains techniques necessary for speculators to profit from commodities cycles.

Of course Rogers positions himself ahead of the cycle, and is ready for the early moves. Most of us realize the most recent financial asset cycle (stocks, bonds, etc) is headed down. We keep bouncing around trying to find the next asset class headed up. Jim Rogers is already there.

I usually read three or four books at a time, Hot Commodities was part of that list for over a month. I would read a few chapters and then set it down to think about it. I would pick it up days latter and read another chapter. Each time I learned more, each time I appreciated the depth of knowledge that Rogers was willing to share.

When I finished Hot Commodities I wished there was more - I'm reading it again and finding that more.

You will find speculation rules in Hot Commodities and more. The learning applied will help you become a successful speculator.

In short this is a good investment book with a timely message.

Read it, reread it, think about it:


discover successful speculation.


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