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Read Investment Books Before You Speculate

a book is less expensive than a loss


An investment book can be full of dry facts or it can flow with emotions and adventure.

A recommended read for a new finance devotee would be one of Jim Rogers' world exploration books -- or perhaps an important speculation classic such as Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

The more books you read, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes.

Find the type of investment book you enjoy reading. Check this link to examine a list of excellent financial books.

We enjoy reading for pleasure before we can enjoy reading for enlightenment.

Rediscover the pleasures of self directed learning.

If you are looking for gifts, find a book that reflects the interests of the reader. There are wide fields of speculation attitude and knowledge - from the arcane to the zealous.

Trust your recipient that as they develop a reading habit, they will search farther up and further in to discover new interests.

The first books read for pleasure open the door to knowledge.

The books we review here are books of finance, adventure, and logic. If you wish to build or preserve wealth, start here.

A Speculation Rule just for you:


Wealth is built through concentration - wealth is preserved through diversification.


A good financial book or two may save you years in the transition from building to preserving your wealth.


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