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Beautiful Pictures from the Gallery of Phinance

by Robert R. Prechter Jr.


Beautiful Pictures serves two purposes.

First it is a beautiful book that will look terrific sitting on your desk - if you are a trader that is quite the bonus.

Second this book is full of well presented and valuable speculation information. If you want to learn about technical analysis of investments and Elliott Wave Theory --read this page.

Prechter's years of experience seem to have given him the humility of knowledge. You can tell he knows and loves what he is presenting; but he also knows he has just scratched the surface of what he hopes will become the new millennium's newest science.

Here is a quote from the introduction: "We discover that the 'roughness' in the stock market -- its supposed 'irregularity' -- may be an artifact of insufficient observation."

The difficult math has been done by Prechter, leaving all your brain cells to deal with the concepts presented.

If you want the most current view from Robert Prechter read his weekly Prechter's Market Perspective - Think of it as Classic Prechter:

I think we can divide the second purpose of Beautiful Pictures into two parts, Robert Prechter as tutor and Robert Prechter as resource.

I learned quite a bit reading and following the graphs, and renewed a great deal of knowledge I had forgotten.

I use many forms of analysis, Elliot Wave theory has been in my tool chest for years. Many times an Elliott Wave pattern will jump out at you, screaming for a trade.

There are many intricacies of Elliot Wave that I do not use, but with the elegance that is a mathematical structure this book presents them in attractive form.

That is the resource value of the book. Once finished it will reside on a shelf by my computers, along with a select few books. Beautiful Pictures will be used. As I see patterns developing in markets, I reach for these books to sharpen my eye as to what the tape is saying.

The following is a fair assessment of the Phinance Gallery:


Beautiful Pictures is training for the eye of the novice - and it is pleasing to the eye of the experienced.


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