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Start Your Own Business Ideas

can you earn high income and
experience personal freedom?


Starting your own internet business can provide you with freedom and control of your own life. You can live an entrepreneurial lifestyle, Just don't expect it to happen fast.

It takes a doctor over a decade of special and difficult training, and hundreds of thousands in expenses to get started. Are you willing to commit a couple of years and a much smaller amount of money to pursue your dreams?

Don't worry, I'm not asking for your cash or time - I'm asking how much do you want that entrepreneur's lifestyle?

"Our doubts are traitors

and make us lose the good we oft might win,

by fearing to attempt" - Shakespeare


Entrepreneurial success can come with your first business venture, or your third - you will need to cultivate the drive to persist until success (3 minute video).

The act of starting or attempting to grow a business is a valuable education. If done right, starting your own business can be a cheaper education than attending a brick and mortar college - and you will learn more useful and actionable information.

You can also create an income using your entrepreneurial business idea, instead of deferring income while continuing school. Many successful businesses have been started part time by college students, augmenting both their education and their income.

A person that graduates with a business degree and is hired into a corporation has not failed, they have completed a step toward their definition of success.

An entrepreneur that shuts down a failed business and then starts a new business has likewise completed a step toward their becoming free to live their life by their own rules.

The key to success with your business ideas is to keep learning.

As in any speculation a start-up business has a steep learning curve. As with any new asset class you consider; one important speculation rule is to start small. learn as inexpensively, make mistakes as cheaply, as possible.

A business school graduate will take a business idea and analyze the idea while developing plans for implementation. An entrepreneur is far more likely to create a prototype and try to sell it; letting potential customers change the product or service to match their needs. The final entrepreneurial business may be far different than what was originally conceived.

Your chances of success as an entrepreneur increase if the business idea you develop and run is based on the passions that drive you. If you work at what you love you can make a very good income - and enjoy the journey.

Your personal freedom will arrive when you solve problems for folks that are willing and able to pay for your solution.

"If you wish to prosper, let your customer prosper. When people have learned this lesson, everyone will seek his individual welfare. Then jealousies between man and man, city and city, province and province, nation and nation, will no longer trouble the world." - C. F. Bastiat

If you are not yet ready to start that passion driven business, consider the small businesses contained in the courses to the right. They are small - they will teach you how to market a product; perhaps you can become the next internet marketing guru.

I have tried all of them except SiteSell - and I have met people that work SiteSell successfully. You will learn a lot of lessons inexpensively with the others, but don't expect to get wealthy without a lot of effort.

SiteSell starts with brainstorming software to plan a site based on your passions. Next their easy to use tools help you market your powerful new web presence. One step at a time they will help you construct a profitable online businesses. Skip get rich/easy promises - do the work with SiteSell and reap real benefits. Go look at the case studies from the SiteSell web site building system. You can build a real internet business you will be proud of - check it out for yourself.

Entrepreneurs tend to be self-directed and customer centric; not lecture taught and process oriented. " Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

A useful resource is therefore Bastiat Free University and their soon to be created Netcohort Institute. Quality student directed learning for visionaries and entrepreneurs, "that's what's a-buildin'."

Once you discover your one special business - start shutting down distractions. Personal success will come when you focus on one great entrepreneurial business solution, that others want or need, and are willing to pay for.

In fact I am in the process of shutting down several small businesses that have become a distraction. I will soon be able to focus more attention on improving cost-appropriate, quality, higher education at Bastiat Free University. Self directed students with an eye to the future need to be supported with tools like those that will be available at The Netcohort Institute.


BFU is a business being built on my passions, what will your business be?


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II) Consultant Recommended

III) BFU School For Entrepreneurs

IV) Starting Toward Success

V) WAHM - work at home moms

VI) Teen & Student Business Ideas, a pdf


VIII) Axioms of Business Success

IX) Entrepreneur defined, a pdf

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