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Monetize It!

Your knowledge and skills are worth a fortune


Maybe you dropped out. Or perhaps you are the proud owner of a high school or college degree.

Now what?

If you are one of the few that KNOWS what they want to do.

Do it!

If you have a dozen people telling you what to do, and can't decide on which route to success to concentrate; start a business today.

Examine the concept you are most passionate about, then figure out how to make money at it. Start a business, then find and ingest all the knowledge available about that subject.

The best way to learn about business and life is not by going to school, it is by starting a business, and trying to make it profitable.

Your business e-learning is in your hands - decide what is best for you based on trends in the real world.

"a formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune." - Jim Rohn

An exception might be if your passion is something like clothing. Get a job with a rags merchant, then work hard and get into management. In a couple of years you will understand the business, how to drive a profit and loss statement, and how to gauge demand.

Then: start your own business.

If you are still in school, at any level, start your business on the web. If you want to work from home, start your business on the web. If you want to quit working for others, start your own business on the web.

There is less regulation on the Internet, there are less tax problems, an Internet business is less expensive to start -- and it is easier to start again if the first efforts fail.

Start small and simple for the first business. Here is an inexpensive Internet business opportunity you can try right now, anywhere in the world.

This Internet Business can be "work-at-home," and can be closed any time with a mouse click - there are no start-up expenses or long term contracts. If you wish you can add complexity as your knowledge and experience grows.

If at first you don't succeed - start another Internet business; next time you will have more knowledge, skills, and focus.


Keep trying.


Keep learning - do it for yourself.

Start your own business today!


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