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Attitude And Habits

They Are More Important Than Knowledge


Practice what you want to make permanent.

Make a positive 'tude part of your daily life.

Most folks with a bad attitude are proud of their tude - saying "I am just honest." What they are is irritating and annoying - out loud. Honesty is important - but we need to be honest with ourselves also.


"Your attitude can determine your altitude." - Zig Ziglar


A solid work ethic accompanied by a can-do attitude is of value to any business -- especially your own business. The Netcohort is composed of those that apply themselves to their projects - and complete their goals.

If Wealth is a goal for you - this is one of the least obvious -and most important speculation rules.

Your thoughts guide your results. Almost everyone gets the success or failure they desire.


A good attitude can be very honest too.

A person with a good attitude is fun to be with - life takes on a special zest.

Which attitude would you rather work with?

With which attitude would you rather do business?

With which attitude will you be more likely to get what you want from life?


If your attitude is a choice -- who do you want to be?


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