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MBA In Wonderland

the first Bill The MBA story

This was first written as a recollection within the Dreampower small business blog I no longer update; I'm sure there are over a hundred other business oriented entries within its archives. Next it was added to a start your own business lens I enjoy playing with. It is here because it seems just as appropriate to finance as to business.


Arturo came into the dock early one morning with his small boat full of lovely fish, one for himself, others to sell. Bill, an Ivy League MBA on vacation, saw Arturo return to the dock while all the other fishermen were still out with almost empty boats.

Bill asked about Arturo, everyone agreed that Arturo was the best fisherman on the coast.

Bill walked down to Arturo and asked how he spent his days. Arturo said he fished a bit in the morning, went home to spend some time with his wife and play with his kids, then in the evening Arturo met his friends at the local restaurant for songs and games.

Bill got excited and proposed a partnership. Together they would build a fleet of ships that would benefit from Arturo's knowledge. They would Move to a big city, and later run offices and fleets around the world.

Arturo asked about the future beyond the world wide ventures. Bill expounded on the glories of the great cities and high society, finishing with the statement that when Arturo decided he was ready to retire he could go anywhere and do anything he wanted. Bill asked what Arturo would do with such a fine retirement.

Arturo replied, " I would fish a bit in the morning, go home to spend some time with my wife and play with the kids, then in the evening I would meet my friends at a local restaurant for songs and games."

And Arturo walked away.



I have found that stories, just like quotes, can go quite a long ways back; and be attributed to many along the historical path. This one may have originated with a caveman explaining why farming was more to his nature than hunting saber tooth tigers.

Perhaps rather than focusing on Bill The MBA we should convince him to toss off his expensive shoes and talk more with Arturo. Bill might be able to edit and coauthor a wonderful self-help book for cubicle prisoners- The Life Management Rules of Arturo The Fisherman.



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