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The Fickle Fairy of Finance

employed part time and calls out sick - a lot


Luck is the point where preparation meets opportunity.

Think about that comic book or doll dress you wanted, and that day you lost a tooth. The financial tooth fairy arrived and enabled your purchase - life was good.

A lost child's tooth is a lot like the financial markets. Everything seems to hang together just like it always has, then suddenly it all changes.

It pays to put some of your assets into the next big thing, and then leave them alone. Gold, iron, sugar, and other commodities have started a bull market. A position instituted years ago would have shown large profits - with more likely to come.

After the stock market crash, it will sit for a while without action - despised. That will be a good time to find surviving countries and invest in their markets - ready for the next change.

A far out of the money leap put option position can be purchased inexpensively. If the luck of everyone else changes with a market crash - you may have the financial fairy visit you with a bounteous reward.

You want to put yourself in the pathway of luck -- and be prepared to meet it.

And put that non-linear tooth under your pillow - you never know...


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