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Financial Fairy Tales


Hone your imagination - these tales may have a razor sharp edge but are wielded with a focus on the point.

The greedy dragons of finance seek your investments for their golden hoard. Learn the rules of combat before you grab your lance and head off for glory.


  • buckle on your armor
  • grab your shield and lance
  • get hoisted onto your war horse.

There is treasure enough for all, and wonderful castles to party in at battle end.

Journey with us to a magic land where knowledge of your enemy's, controlling your fears, and proper application of your tools of war will allow profits beyond the dreams of mere alchemists.


Faint heart hath never heart of fair maiden won.


These tales need a bit of the brothers Grim tossed at them - an update will occur after the book is done .... but that is another story.


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a Speculation Rules book?

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