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Make Your Dreams Come True

I was talking with a fellow I used to work with and asked him about his dreams. With a bit of prodding I eventually got him to spell out some of the things he wanted. More time with his kids, more money for his family, and finally -- to play his guitar with a retro band onstage at the local street fair.

He had a reason why none of them could happen, he had convinced himself he was not going to get out of his rut. For instance he rationalized he would have to practice, get a band together, jam, and in a few years work his way up to the Orange Circle Street Fair - he was willing to put that aside to spend time with his kids instead.

I suggested to him the first step was to find out how the street fair chose musicians. If he could approach a working band and offer to get them this gig, as long as he was able to play with them - he could start the ball rolling. But he had to start or it would never happen.

I also told him I could do it for him - but he needed to see what he could accomplish so he would be willing to tackle the larger dreams. His first step was to do it.

What are your dreams?

Step back and think about what the first step would be toward making your dreams real - a small positive step. Perhaps that step is to get more information or a bit of training.


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"Our doubts are traitors

and make us lose the good we oft might win,

by fearing to attempt" - William Shakespeare



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