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Trading Style & The Markets

trading is a game or trading is a job


I traded with Block Trading during the internet boom. real time, watching everything, competing with the best, at a clip of over a hundred transactions a day.

There were many elements of game playing in the trading room, from competition to hastily eaten meals consumed while staring at the monitors. Risk was controlled by short term trading with an aversion to any loss, and by not leaving any positions open overnight. I did not enjoy it.

For some the game consumed them and they loved the activity and constant action. For myself when I took my first vacation and relaxed a little bit, I realized it was just a job, kinda like flipping burgers for a six figure income. What I missed most was watching the markets from a longer term perspective; making plays based on knowledge, experience, and limiting risk with trading rules.

An important speculation rule is: there is a trading style that fits you best - discover it!

I returned to the style of trading that had worked best for me in the past, and one I enjoyed. Sometimes short term - sometimes a bit longer, but always with an opinion on the market. I limited trades to technical junctures that would indicate quickly if I was wrong, and allow that quick small loss.

Consider Bill Gates for a moment. One reason he is a success is seemingly his view of business as a strategy game, he plays to win. He found a style that fit him, one he enjoyed, and in his passion to compete controlled the game. Microsoft started small and without focus - but once Bill Gates discovered an edge he did not stop.

If you are considering trading stock markets, commodity markets, futures and forex markets, or trading options, let me emphasize a simple speculation rule: start small.

Make your mistakes, discover your weaknesses, as cheaply as possible. Then find a trading style that fits you - one you enjoy.


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