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"If you're willing to do for a year what others won't, you can do for a lifetime what others CAN'T!" - the Pot Pie Girl

At the least, learn a skill or start a business that can support you anywhere.
To start your own business on the internet;

I can think of no better guide than Jennifer, the Pot Pie Girl.
Her One Week Marketing is a solid entry into your own web based, portable business.

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recommendations from a
Business Opportunity Consultant


Why recommend these particular businesses?

Because these web based business opportunities might just work.

One of these businesses is MLM, some consider that a dirty word. Another is a do it yourself internet business creator; with work it can allow you to pursue your passions and also make a profit. The third is to have professional create a web presence for you (this can be less expensive than you thought). These all have promise, any might be right for you. Let's look at the MLM first ...

We can start at the reality of MLM secrets. You will not get rich by recruiting friends or family members. The way your business can work is by persistence. If you get a heavy hitter under you - your income will sky rocket. For the heavy hitter this business will be just one more easy chunk of cash flow; their existing following and credibility will be what ensures their and your success.

Why would Donald Trump say if he had to start over he would do it through MLM? The Donald is a heavy hitter, he has enough connections to other heavy hitters, and a large enough personal following, to create a huge organization almost instantly. He could then make even more money by selling tapes, books, and seminars to his group.

If you subscribe to the idea of six degrees of separation, we are on average within 6 introductions of anyone on earth. Send a letter to a friend in New York, and with willing participants, it can be in Donald Trump's hands within days. As your MLM group expands - so do the odds an associate will reach a heavy hitter.

Global Domains International inexpensive monthly cost allows you to persist until such time as that heavy hitter emerges from your down line, if ever. I am positive cash flow from GDI, but the few dollars a month I hope to earn in a couple of years is not worth my effort. That income and the chance for a heavy hitter emerging and propelling my income are.

Create a blog, write a Squidoo page, submit a few articles - with the internet they will each be working for you for many years. Use your knowledge and creativity to add to the business opportunity system, or replace it.

If you have a need or goal, write it down right now. As you read through this article imagine how you can use these tools to realize your desires. What you write is your reason to continue - and succeed. You might need to refer to your goals often.

It's all right to dream audacious dreams - if you are willing to strive to achieve them.

To succeed you will also need to discover other's needs and goals - help them understand that they too can succeed by applying these same simple tools.


The basic business plan is both easily practicable and quite simple. There are no start up costs - and this business also has a one week free trial period so you can give your new international internet business a no-cost test drive.

Starting right now.


The free start up makes this an easy home business idea to take for a quick test drive. However It frequently takes six or more months to fully understand a new business opportunity - You can extend that business test drive at a very low cost. If at any time you don't feel comfortable - step out of the business and walk away.

If you wish - take a few free laps before you open 'er up.


This is a good time to take another look at your written reason for pursuing your own success.

Is your written goal strong enough to get you to expand your comfort zone and try new things? If not - spend the time to add some notes toward your commitment to that dream, need fulfillment, or goal.


I have explored many of the best home based business opportunity alternatives. I wanted something that met the following constraints.


simple process

solid opportunity

scheduling flexibility

serendipity potential

small or no initial investment

secondary benefits


This home based business is simple and it has great potential. A plus is that generating an early positive cash flow is quite possible. One additional benefit for me is that it may provide an opportunity to watch a multi-level approach to marketing. Perhaps it will show you how to start with your own product.


This is a speculation rule:

wealth is made through concentration - preserved through diversification.

Your own small business can be an excellent speculation.


This new business with no entry cost and a very low overhead makes it worth finding out. GDI should also respond well to spurts of activity while suffering little harm from occasional dormancy.


Most of the time well thought out business plans work.

Honest and caring businesses tend to do well consistently.


Speculation Rules defines luck as where preparation meets opportunity. You want to put yourself in the pathway of luck, prepared to profit from it. You also want to honestly care about the people you deal with.

Start this business today

There is a short free trial, followed by the ridiculously small monthly commitment of $10.00. There is no contract – to cancel call (1) 760-602-3000 Extension: 5804 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time.

If you buy a McDonalds franchise think about spending millions of dollars - and being tied down to one location.

Here you can start your own business and explore its opportunities for just US $10.00 a month - and live anywhere in the world.

Get just ten folks into your organization and there are suddenly no fixed costs. You can then further expand your business at no-cost. Free is a very good thing.


... over the summer of 1998 Donald Trump made an appearance on the David Letterman show. David Letterman asked him what he would do if he lost everything and had to start over from scratch.

Without hesitating, Trump said he would find a good
network marketing company and get to work.

The audience started to shout and boo him. He looked out at the audience and his dead-pan response was - "That's why I'm sitting up here and you are all sitting out there!" - source unknown

There are video presentations you can link to from your own new web site to make the presentations for you - no hard selling required. As an added plus you can also create another turn key business site - at no further expense.

These tools will help those you bring in to duplicate themselves - once again to everyone's benefit. Web hosting is included in the $10.00 per month- you can use your new web site for whatever you want.

Many have started the program just for the web hosting and development. You get your own web site, ten email addresses with your site as the source, and other goodies to help build your own business, any business you wish.

This business opportunity just happens to be quite nice and already comes with all those goodies - and a free start up business offer.


This simple international internet business may not be right for you - and you may not be right for this business. There are many fine businesses out there - find one that fits you and go for it.


Regardless; that written statement of what you want to achieve is very important to your future. Write a desired date for fulfillment on it now.


If you desire success on your own terms - it is time for you to investigate this opportunity further.

You are the right person to make a choice about this business - it is your life.


No one cares more about your future than you.

investigate this business - right now


There is also another option.

The up-front cost will be higher, the work building your business will be greater, the huge payoff if you find a big hitter will be absent. But this is probably the way most of you should go ... start your own internet business, a real one.

Create your own web site, research how to attract customers and visitors, offer value and earn a growing income. Work at bringing your passions to others. You can do it on your own as I have done, it has taken a couple of years and my sites still have a lot of room for improvement. But you do not need to waste time and money as I have done.

A quicker route, only because easy to use tools are supplied to guide you through the process, is to use SiteSell. They provide the training, the templates, the search tools and the creation guidelines that will cause you to succeed. If you have already built a SiteSell web presence, check out the powerful new Site Build It web 2.0 tools.

"The risks and rewards of creative entrepreneurship are greater, and of far more value to society, than any illusions of security that enslave human cogs in a social machine." - Allan R. Wallace

It will take some money, it will take effort, but in a week or two you can have your own internet site, developed by you, that you are proud of --

Take a look at the proof offered by SiteSell.

There is a wealth of free material at the SiteSell site - use it to improve your own site; or pay the inexpensive price and use their tools to start constructing your own quality internet site today.

The third choice is to have SiteSell build a site for you. Using their powerful tools, and professional and successful webmasters, SiteSell Services will create a support structure for your own business. The cost is a tenth of the starting bid of many quality webmasters, the results should be better. The majority of SiteSell sites end up in the top 3% of all websites.

Yes, there is potential using both GDI and SiteSell, Make the most of it.

With a bit of time and work - a better future is within your grasp.


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