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Part two:


"Modern" industrial age education has created inflexible managers and machine cog employees.


Adaptability, creativity, and originality are not just uncomfortable to the bureaucratic organization - they are frequently punished.

Netcentric knowledge workers, the Netcohort, are stifled by this archaic structure.

The Netcohort is finding opportunity in the current, individually empowering, technological revolution.

The future workplace already exists as small relationship driven protean associations. The Netcohort is of necessity adaptable so as to survive within the new information and miniaturization age's transformational structure.

As bureaucratic structures deflate or implode it is the adaptable Netcohort that will enter the void and provide better service than the economy of scale based bureaucracies were able to implement.

You were born independent and knowledge seeking - it has been beaten out of you by compliance seeking bureaucracies.


Adaptability is once again being rewarded - discover for yourself where you wish to fit in the new Network Society.


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