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The Netcohort Is Real

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As the industrial age wanes, a new form of individualistic entrepreneur is emerging.

What is still evolving is an understanding of how the Netcohort organizes itself so efficiently based on at least four intrinsic principles.

The Netcohort seems to operate on the social capital of a reputation based referral system that coalesces needed participants into cohesive, indeterminate term, team structures.

Netcohort business is based on relationships with other netcentric knowledge workers. In a fluid informal structure they gather together for projects and then separate at the projects conclusion.

The Netcohort may well become the new middle upper class of the information age.

Technology is empowering the individual and destroying the bureaucracy enabled middle class - economies of scale are crumbling.

As the factory and government worker displaced the guild member - so may the Netcohort displace the bureaucratic wage slave.

The series of four articles to the right explore the minimum attributes required for success as a member of the emerging Netcohort. For an overview of this emerging social capital based entrepreneurial system see the main Netcohort information pages.


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