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Part three:


good reputation is necessary


When you chose who you will work with - trust is required if you wish to complete the project and acquire other projects. Reputation based systems are the basis for Netcohort interactions.

Western schools have a decided anti-business bias. Many teachers imply or declare that business people lack integrity and that is the reason for any success. The mass media frequently carries the same bias - and for the same reasons.

Almost none of the teachers in western schools have run a business. They are bureaucrats that distrust anyone not in their bureaucracy.

To the contrary, it is the exception that a business person is untrustworthy, rather than the rule. As many have discovered to their dismay - a contract is worthless in the hands of a crook and his lawyer.

There are more untrustworthy business people today than in the past. The last fifty years of good times have allowed some bad practices to survive. As we enter this next depression that will change.

Untrustworthy business people reflect our society just as much as the politicians we chose. Enron and Arthur Andersen were destroyed in part for using the same bad accounting practices the US government is still using.

If you are to have a long term growing business you must have a good reputation.

Business people do business with folks they trust. A good reputation is the foundation of a successful and enduring business.

A good reputation will be even more important in the future.

It is by your network that you will discover those key individuals that will help you complete your project. Those operating in a network society will not want to soil their reputation by recommending Netcohort free lancers they do not trust.

The time to start building a good reputation is today.

If those you work with now do not trust you - seek to change their minds. Also seek to discover new teams that you can work with on a basis of mutual trust.

Start small if you are just becoming part of the Netcohort- it takes time to build trust.

Be careful - it takes almost no time to destroy trust.

Your good reputation may be even more important than the other three attributes we explore here - being knowledgeable, adaptable, and being hard working.

Without a good reputation the other attributes may mean nothing.


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