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Part One:


keep knowledge -gain understanding

There are at least four attributes of a member of the Netcohort- at least the successful ones.

They must be knowledgeable, adaptable, possess integrity, and be hard working.

Knowledge is a given for any position - but the Netcohort's success requires a specific netcentric knowledge. This knowledge can not be fully acquired through the brick and mortar educational system.

Most colleges give a degree that in effect recognizes adherence to their bureaucratic rule set. Many employers hire based on appreciation of a college graduate's compliance -- and plan to train their new bureaucratic employees for specific job duties.

The public school system is dedicated to supplying these cookie cutter employees.

The Netcohort is happily an independent bunch - learning what they love - then finding and solving a need that matches what they have learned.

The Netcohort is flexible - sometimes working alone - sometimes joining in fluid teams to accomplish a larger task.

The knowledge required to function in the Netcohort does not need to be wide, it needs depth. The "long tails" concept applies, and also implies that Netcohort knowledge workers have to self-direct their own educational pursuits.

The knowledge the Netcohort needs parallels their own individualistic interests and opportunities. They are therefore the primary candidates for a self directed learning style.


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