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Vanishing Middle Class

Maybe shrinking middle class is better.


Let's go with the transforming middle class.

Most of the middle class are sinking, others will morph into the netcohort.

The point is, a whole bunch of people have lost their middle class status. A lot more people are worried about losing it.

Most of the studies on this phenomena have been finger pointing; folks with a political agenda making up obfuscating reasons the other guys are at fault. The followers of political party lyrics are singing the songs they have been handed. Very few are thinking.

To start our thoughts we will take a look at the transformation from a historic view. The rising middle class is usually associated with the industrial age.

Small businessman, and workers at skilled jobs in larger businesses, reaped rewards commensurate with their contributions. As they raised themselves above the level of their brethren, the economic level of everyone they were associated with was also raised.

Industrial society as a whole became better off, the emerging middle class was much better off. But there was a group that was hurting and vanishing, the guilds.

To those screaming about the horrors of the industrial age -- I am happy if you wish to live in a wattle and daub hut surviving on gruel and experiencing frequent famines and plagues.

I think most of us prefer the better life available now. Don't ask me to give up my life for your factual errors, and don't get some government busybody to demand it of me for you. That is still theft.

If there had been an internet at the start of the industrial revolution the conspiracy theorists would have had the guilds financing the mobs that destroyed looms. As an aside a joining of the Luddites and the guilds would be the equivalent of today's odd bedfellow relationship of greens and labor unions that together are fighting technology.


As the industrial age advanced, the middle class expanded. Unskilled labor, by politics, extortion, and the compound growth of wages, secured many highly paid positions with access to middle class incomes.

The world has for a few centuries had huge populations controlled by strong central governments. In most of those nations all but the politically influential became working poor.

The middle class of more open societies prospered by lack of innovative competition from the more socialist societies.


"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill


The transformation of the protected middle class is now in effect. Workers in China and other formerly highly managed economies are now starting to compete, and the people want a piece of the pie.

Just as when the guilds faded into history, the industrial age middle class is shrinking. People now want to be treated as individuals - not as part of a fungible mass known as citizens.

Small businessmen will remain, a constant of open societies from all ages. Those with skills, knowledge, adaptability, integrity, and who apply networking relationships will form the Netcohort that replaces the current middle and upper middle classes - and above.

Those netcentric knowledge workers that are replacing the old middle class have far more options than the middle class had before. This is similar to how the industrial age middle class had more options than the guildsman.


The Netcohort Society is real.

We will define ourselves.

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