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The Netcohort

getting the job done in the information age


As the one size fits most society fades, you can help develop a self-tailored society. Become the designer of your own self-tailored lifestyle. Discover where you would most like to live and what you would most enjoy doing - then live it and do it well.

A new breed of entrepreneur is emerging. Networks of internet savvy individualists are authoring change that will revolutionize society. Unbound by distance, age, gender, or national identity they are multiplying each other's opportunities.


  • The value of a network is determined in part by the number of users. One person with e-mail is alone, two can share, a billion users make it a communications necessity.


  • A second part of network valuation is the alignment of the participants. The greater the commonality of goals, the greater force they can exert to propel their agenda.


  • A third group of valuation factors are the knowledge, determination, ethics, and ambition of those within the network. Relationships based on reputation and referral are enabling; anything less leads to network weakness due to lack of trust.


Relationship based flexibility allows a focused project team to form and transform quickly as opportunities are identified . Groups of netcohort teams can and do refer parts of larger projects to other teams.

This expanding netcohort demonstrates integrity, energy, knowledge, and adaptability. They challenge society's assumptions on battlefields of their own choice.

If you want to be part of the Netcohort - start now.

As part of the netcohort you must stay mobile, flexible, and open to new ideas. You will be working with and assisting other technologically empowered individuals.

Seek out profitable niches within the Netcohort by exploiting "long tail" opportunities. Focus on projects that require enhancing your skills, knowledge, and wisdom in order to be completed. The beneficiaries of your efforts will be the under served clients of "one size fits many" industrial age bureaucracies - and yourself.


Can you shape your own future?

Not from within an idustrial age mindset you can't.

As the Cluetrain Manifesto to business declared:

"Networked knowledge workers can change employers over lunch. Your own "downsizing initiatives" taught us to ask the question: "Loyalty? What's that?"

However, with your decision to enter a new age comes new opportunity.

You can become a visionary that acts quickly on fresh insights, you can develop the personal confidence that inspires creativity.

Start your own journey by rediscovering how to enjoy learning. Learn to direct and synthesize your own efforts to gain wisdom. In conjunction with Bastiat Free University we intend to develop The Netcohort Institute as a two part process of preparation for entering the netcohort.

What is required to become a member of the netcohort.


Think small business with a plasma drive.

Aggressive and honorable business practices will allow you to network with similar individuals in short term, project oriented teams.

Netcohort teams are already producing wonderful results in information and relationship services. Their creative ideas beneficially manifest as new technologies and methodologies - and of course bring well deserved financial rewards for the Netcohort team members themselves.

How do I prepare?

Start to explore learning tools in areas you enjoy. Use technology to leverage your research.

Create based on your passions and insights Then dig ever deeper into knowledge that might further enhance your projects. Don't blindly accept any view of reality. Self direct your education as much as possible.

Find areas where you want to learn --then study them on your own or with those whose insights you value. Bastiat Free University is developing The Netcohort Institute to enable your creative and audacious dreams.

The final piece of the puzzle is to find other creative people that share your passions.

Check reputations and do some small projects with them. Coercive, birth status based associations are replaced within the Netcohort by freelance contracts. Virtual netcohort teams adapt within their environments and then develop new environments.

Determine and develop your own reputation.

If your reputation is one of passion, knowledge, action, and integrity you will have many opportunities to join increasingly important projects.

This is also a fun way to live.


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