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The Netcohort Institute

- join the adventure -
connect audacious dreams through collaborative webs


The Netcohort Institute will not be offering degrees and certificates at this time. We have eliminated the college degree track at Bastiat Free University; register and use our resources at no charge.

We are entering an era of collaborative achievement unbound by age, location, nationality or any other arbitrary social segmentation.

Netcohort individuals of the Netcohort Society will define a Netcohort Age.

We are developing plans and ideas, and compiling materials we will use in the first course of The Netcohort Institute. There are several short essays, a couple of entertaining articles, and even some books that may find their way into the final mix.

the future will be fashioned by netcohort teams.

How will individuals like yourself transition from passion directed learning to unbound community interaction? BFU is a catalyst to ignite learning, but in concept is still too close to the formal schools of the industrial past it is being designed to replace.

There needs to be a next step.

We need to develop a way to empower passionate individuals united in flexible project teams based on relationships and reputation - The Netcohort.

Join us in the adventure - bring your dreams.

The Netcohort Institute will therefore emphasize enabling and enhancing netcohort participation in collaborative projects. The focus will be on developing collaborative projects that require increasing skills, knowledge, and wisdom in order to be completed.

Relationships and reputation will be built during student interactions allowing further growth and opportunities.

If you have not yet registered for Bastiat Free University at no charge - go do it now. If you have registered for BFU college classes use this link to get to your login page.

Are you ready to leave the industrial society?

You will probably want to log in and click through the course material, some of it is very interesting. As a further inducement you will find an introduction page within the materials that gives away part of our overall plan - there is good news if you want to join the international netcohort society and earn some personal freedom.

Are you willing to disappoint others to reach your own definition of success?

If you want to find a life rather than just find a job - go take a look in the course catalog for Introduction To The Netcohort Institute.


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About The Netcohort

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II) Four Part Article on the Netcohort Attributes

III) The Vanishing Middle Class

IV) Death Throes Of Society

V) The Netcohort Future

VI ) The Netcohort Institute


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