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Unique Financial News

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Most financial news is repetition of sound bites provided by the stock exchanges and brokers. If you are watching the financial news as it happens you will see “reasons” for the market's activity rise and fall with the markets.

An event happens – the market goes up – positive spin is generated. The same market then drops quickly – the spin stops and reverses. By the end of the day the market is back up – and the nightly financial news spins the old positive take on the markets one more time.

Above are headlines you will not find elsewhere. This set of financial news is not necessarily correct – but it will help you balance what you receive from the mainstream sources. There are occasionally great insights into finance here that are worth your time. For your own protection, if you read the financial news or watch financial TV, consider everything you hear an advertisement. Most of it is, the rest is influenced by an advertising centric mentality.


If you do watch or read investment news pay attention as the excuses journey back and fourth. The market moves create the financial news – the financial news does not create the market moves.


To enjoy a more in depth discussion of how public mood creates the market moves that create the financial news:


watch a free documentary by an award winning director

History's Hidden Engine.




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