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Money Management

The temptation is to play too big


You can't win if you don't play - you can't play if you are broke.

Ignore money management and play too big and you may end up just watching the action. You can do very well waiting until you know there is a profit to be made, this may involve missing the early moves.

You can also do well bring too early, as long as you do not use leverage. Money management is about controlling your portfolio from a few bad moves.


Mismanaged portfolio risk - leading to bad moves, unlucky moves, stinking moves - happens.

You can do very well combining risk management techniques, a no leverage small early investment, a bit of leverage once the trend is established. That bit of no leverage speculation helps you to track the market. Once the trend has mostly run; - de-leverage and start to get small again.


Get smaller early - just like you started early. Defend your portfolio.


In investments you can use stop losses and employ small commitments to correlated investments.


"Get smaller" if your bank roll is shrinking, if you want to survive.


You can't win if you don't play.

You can't play if you run out of money.


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