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True Wealth

is sharing without counting


It is easier to focus on the zeros at the end of your net worth than to consider what you will do with the money you have.

You are off the hook if you inherited money or won the lottery. People that have not earned their cash usually end up one of two ways. They hoard their wealth and become misers because they don't know how to replace it -- or they blow their money because it has no meaning since they did not earn it.

Readers of Speculation Rules earn their money - working smart and hard.

The first time you realize you have more than enough is when you do not have to look at the price tag or consider financing when shopping.

You can start on the road to true wealth by increasing your giving today. So arrange your income that 10% goes to savings and investment, and 10% goes to helping others.

Real wealth creation and wealth preservation leads to ever greater giving. You will not have real wealth however until you can see a need and meet the need without slowing down to consider the cost.

The best gifts are anonyms, they draw no praise - they also do not draw crowds of supplicants seeking even more. You may give up control of the use of the gift - but if you chose the recipients wisely they will handle their responsibility well.

Start giving, those that will not share their little are not likely to have much, or to share it if they develop much. Start your habit of giving today to show gratitude and to develop humility. Real wealth encompasses more than money - being wealthy includes positive personal relationships, achievement, and your spiritual well-being. Money is just a tool.

Create a will or estate plan for institutions and people that made a difference in your life or can make a difference in other's lives. Only about 5% of American households have included donations in their estate plan, less than half even have a will.

Plan to make a difference - even if you never develop great wealth.


Our definition of true wealth: being willing and able to meet a need or grasp an opportunity without first considering the tax consequences.


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