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Offshore Investing Cautions

You may not need to be reminded, but I sure do.

A primary Speculation Rule: no one cares more about your money than you, unless they plan on using or stealing your money.

Offshore investing is valuable in terms of protecting and growing your assets, just be sure to follow reasonable defenses.

When you go offshore the dangers and frustrations will get worse; if that is possible. Other countries have other laws, giving you two headaches, and crooks have two sources of leverage.

Don't give extra information, always use quality referrals, get second and third opinions, and all other standard rules still apply.

When going offshore with your speculations you should add one more.

Start small.

Trust your referred adviser with just a bit and see how he handles it. Grow the amount trusted to them slowly.

Use several advisers in several locations, diversification protects wealth.

To be effective in protecting yourself - start your offshore financial research today.

Your knowledge and your experience are both important wealth protectors - grow them as quickly as possible.

Retaining your wealth is more important than growing your wealth. Your offshore speculations may protect you and yours if problems develop where you now live.

Offshore investing can be very profitable, can protect some of your assets, and can provide an escape route; like any venture it can also be a trap.

You can't escape risk, but going offshore is one way to manage some of your risk. This offshore investing caution is not meant to frighten you out of diversifying offshore; it is a warning to prepare and investigate before you do.


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