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-- How To Become A Sovereign Individual --

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." - Voltaire


You can create your own personal sovereignty. You can own your own life. It will not be utopia or without challenges, but you can start re-defining yourself today.

Many are uncomfortable with personal choice and prefer others lead them -- personal choice does require personal responsibility. Even more are uncomfortable with others having personal choice -- and want to dictate their lives.

If you desire liberty for yourself and others, first discover how it is being achieved today. There are people living their lives in a manner chosen by themselves, you can improve your personal freedom just as they have.

We will spend little time discussing ideas and the ideal of liberty. We will seek to provide specific freedom technologies assisting you in your transition from wage slave to sovereign individual. Acquiring personal sovereignty is a moving target, this information may become quickly dated - keep seeking.

In the future Sovereign Individuals will make choices and alliances as it pleases them. To accomplish specific goals they will use familiarity and reputation to choose team members. Each individual team member will be able to imagine, create, grow, and interact unencumbered by distance or nationality.

The Netcohort lives a transient project centered lifestyle (serial entrepreneurs) for at least two reasons. The changing world requires rapid adaptation, and those that love liberty do not fit easily within bureaucracies - even if they helped create them.

Personally e-empowered technology users are not the only candidates for becoming sovereign individuals - they are just the most recent category. Any bit of personal wealth or any type of transportable business can help you make the transition. There are already people living a free life, although acquiring and maintaining your freedom is sometimes a bit complicated for now.

The discovery that you do not have to be an employee to survive is itself liberating. Your creativity and drive enable you to own yourself. As an example find a simple worldwide business that can be done anywhere - there are many available. All real opportunities require work and perseverance to succeed, seldom do they succeed quickly.

Start planning your move today, be ready to move too soon. As industrial age bureaucracies crumble a quick move might be required - it is best to be prepared. Your current location may not always be a hospitable place. Even pack rats have a second exit from their nests.

Start using tools to cut your own chains; chains you have been dragging your whole life and will not notice until the weight is gone.

Explore this world view. Consider the possible opportunity costs if you do not prepare. Think of the liberties you could soon discover.



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