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Buy The Book Before The Speculation

Your best wealth protection is knowledge.


Read good investment books before you invest a dime.

It is amazing that people that will bet their future based on the recommendation of a commissioned salesman.

A investment broker or market analyst is there to make money, not to study the market. If you walk into a broker's office you will find him on the phone trying to get more customers so he can replace you when you go broke.

If your stock broker knew how to speculate successfully - he would. What he does know is how to sell. If the analyst he quotes, the one that works for his company, knew how to beat the market the analyst would not be working a desk job.

Before you invest a dime, study the markets you are going to enter. Then find the cheapest broker that knows how to put in an order properly and promptly; check his firm to be sure they are sound.

For the cost of a commission or two you can buy several books. For the money you could lose by not being personally aware, you could buy a library.

Ten years from now your returns will be far better for spending some time learning to speculate now. A short delay to read before you start speculating can only make a positive difference.

If you anticipate investing an an unfamiliar market - buy the book first. Better yet buy several books.

Take the time to read the books and plan the trade.


The trade of the century comes several times a year.


Study so as to be ready for it.


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