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Don't Let Success Destroy Your Gains

avoid the danger of complacency


In a long bull market, everyone knows they are a genius.

When an investment market changes - our perception is often slow to follow. It is easy to keep doing what you were doing, and quickly go broke.

If a speculation is easy to do, or easy to find, its profitability will normally end suddenly.

There are a million ways to make a million dollars in the market, all of them are hard to find and of a short duration.

It is always easier to make smart choices when you are not committed. If your profits are shrinking - get smaller.

Avoid becoming greedy.

In fast moving markets such as gold mining stocks it is a common practice to half your commitment if the share price has doubled. That leaves the initial investment available for another uncorrelated speculation and still provides plenty to play with.

Never is investment knowledge so dangerous as when we think we know something - and we are wrong.

When speculating try to remember:


Investment Success Is Dangerous


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