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Invest Or Speculate Internationally

international investment diversification protects wealth


As an international speculator you will have more investment options.

Most of us know and are comfortable with the investments and speculations close to home.

Your investment broker or financial advisor can provide you with a lot of information on the widely traded local markets available to you.

Did you know your broker or advisor may have laws that don't allow him to discuss international investment opportunities?

As an international speculator you will not only have access to more investment choice, the diversification you attain will help protect your personal finances.

An added bonus of off-shore investing is that you could also gain asset protection. Frivolous law suits or unjust divorce settlements from your home country may be of no effect in other countries.

All countries have had, or will have, periods of dangerous governance. A troubled country may make it difficult or impossible to take money out of the country, just as your personal safety requires such an action.

If you are not their citizen - the USA or the UK are the worlds largest off-shore tax havens. Both have very flexible investment markets.

Smaller but still with sophisticated financial options are Switzerland, Panama, The Bahamas, Hong Kong, and a host of others. There is a huge list of varied and intriguing options - consider and visit those that appeal to you.

  • do it for more financial flexibility
  • do it for asset protection
  • do it as a safety net
  • do it soon


There will come a time, in any country, when it will be wise to leave. If that point arrives during your lifetime it would be best if you have planned ahead.

Get some of your money outside the country you live in.


Become an international Investor.


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The Rules

I) It Is Your Money

II) Embrace Risk

III) Success Is Dangerous

IV) Life Is Not Linear

V) Buy The Book First

VI) Diversify Off-shore

VII) Gut Feeling investments

VIII) Building Wealth



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