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Life Is Not Linear

Monsters still rise out of the deep


Algebra is very good at straight lines.

Life is very good at surprises - be prepared for sudden stops, turns, and unexpected dangers.

Mathematics can be like the word "investment" - it can give you a false sense of security.

Organic shapes do not fit in Euclidean boxes; you damage perceived reality if you try to force them in. Part of the cause for the successes of Elliott Wave Theory is its acknowledgement of fractal organic relationships in markets. Elliott Wave's failures belong to many parents.

Modern economists have such a bad record simply because they have given up on thinking a problem through and instead have resorted to math and assumptions to create models.

They no longer have to admit things such as "Adam Smith and Bastiat were right." They can now say, "I'll have to tweak my model a bit."

Sudden unexpected change is the norm. As best you can learn to anticipate it, and protect yourself a bit from it. Investment surprises will happen, far more frequently than mathematical models suggest.


Prepare for sudden change - it will happen.


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IV) Life Is Not Linear

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